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About CACH

Central Asia Creative Hub

Supported by the Creative Informatics Inclusive Innovation Working Spaces Fund, the CACH is hosted by the Bayes Centre at the University of Edinburgh until July 2024.

Welcome to the Central Asia Creative Hub, an online networking platform and working group of creative professionals and practitioners who are passionate about promoting Central Asian culture in the United Kingdom.

Our platform is designed to provide networking, promotion, and exchange of ideas and experiences for individuals who share a common interest in Central Asia and its cultural heritage. We believe that by fostering collaboration and sharing knowledge and expertise, we can promote a greater understanding and appreciation of the diverse cultures and artistic practices of Central Asia.


Our hub is open to creatives from all disciplines, including artists, designers, musicians, writers, and other cultural practitioners.
We plan to offer a range of resources and opportunities, including online events, workshops, and exhibitions, to promote cross-cultural exchange and understanding.

We believe 

In a globalized world where cultural heritage is at risk of being lost, it is more important than ever to preserve and promote the unique cultural identity of Central Asia. Unfortunately, this region is often overlooked in the global conversation on cultural preservation and promotion. At the Central Asia Creative Hub, we aim to change that by providing a platform for creatives to showcase their work and collaborate on projects that celebrate Central Asian culture.

At the Central Asia Creative Hub, we believe in the power of creativity to connect people and promote positive change. Our core values include:

Collaboration: We believe that collaboration is essential to creating impactful and innovative projects, and we actively seek out opportunities for partnerships and collaborations.

Cultural preservation: We are committed to promoting the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Central Asia and preserving it for future generations.

Inclusivity: We prioritize building a supportive and inclusive community of artists, creatives, and cultural enthusiasts who share our passion for creativity and cultural exchange.

Empowerment: We are committed to empowering our members by providing them with resources, support, and opportunities to develop their skills and promote their work.

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